Research programmes at the department of cellular and molecular biology

1. Computational biology and bioinformatics

2. Microbiology and immunology

  • Hellman, Lars: Allergy / vaccines
  • Hinas, Andrea: Membranes and vesicles in RNA interference and RNA transport
  • Holmqvist, Erik: Bacterial small RNAs
  • Kleinau, Sandra: Immunology / autoimmunity
  • Koskiniemi Sanna: Contact-dependent growth inhibition in bacteria and the use of armed probiotics in the prevention and/or treatment of infections
  • Svärd, Staffan (dean of biology): Parasitic protozoa-biology and disease mechanisms
  • Söderbom, Fredrik (program leader): Small regulatory RNAs in social amoebae - functions during development and infection
  • Virtanen, Anders: RNA biology in eukaryotes
  • Wagner, Gerhart (seniorprofessor): Bacterial regulatory RNAs - biological functions and mechanisms of action

3. Molecular biology

4. Molecular biophysics

5. Molecular evolution 

6. Molecular systems biology

  • Deindl, Sebastian: Molecular mechanisms of nucleic acid-interacting protein machines
  • Elf, Johan (program leader): Systems biology approach to intracellular kinetics and gene regulation
  • Johansson, Magnus: Bacterial protein synthesis using biochemical and single-molecule fluorescence methods
  • Jones, Daniel: Gene regulation, horizontal gene transfer, CRISPR-Cas systems

7. Structural biology

  • Griese, Julia: Metal homeostasis in an actinomycete model organism
  • Knight, Stefan (program leader): Structural determinants of fibrillar structures such as spider silk, bacterial adhesive fimbriae or amyloid
  • Mowbray, Sherry: Protein structure/function relationships, enzyme catalysis, drug design
  • Selmer, Maria: Structure and function in protein synthesis and protein evolution
  • Sundborger-Lunna, Anna: Structure-function of membrane-remodeling proteins

Last modified: 2023-02-15