Okamoto lab

Viruses have adapted to any eukaryotic hosts for their prolifration in a long evolutionary history. Such adaptaions have appeared as an acquisition of functional structures in their virions. According to the theory, our approach is to unveil new functional structural features of problematic viruses by intensive structural comparisons among viruses in the same evolutional lineage. Hence, we have also regulary determined structure of "missing" viruses to complete the analysis using cryo-EM single particle analysis. 

Our group also focuses on structure of giant viruses that are involved in profound biological questions, and other pathogenic viruses due to the emergency needs. Read more about our ongoing research.

Please contact kenta.okamoto@icm.uu.se if you are interested in studing structural/molecular functions of viruses in your master/bachelor project, or internship.

Open positions

Last modified: 2023-01-30