JE 28 request

How to obtain E. coli strain JE28?                                                                   

1. Download the MTA following this link.

2. Prepare a brief text explaining the possible use of the strain.

3. Send the signed MTA document to Suparna Sanyal in the following address: Suparna Sanyal, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University, Box-596, 75124, Uppsala, Sweden.

4.  Alternatively, you can also scan the document and send by e-mail as PDF to

5. Don't forget to send a Fed-Ex customer number, without which the strain will not be sent.

6. Since there are huge numbers of requests for JE28, all the valid MTAs will be gathered and the strain will be produced and sent once a month only.

7. I will appreciate to have feedbacks from the users of JE28.

All the best

-Suparna Sanyal

Current distribution of E. Coli JE28

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