Group members

Current group members

Fredrik Söderbom, PhD
Associate professor

+46 18 471 4901

Bart Edelbroek, PhD student

Jonas Kjellin, PhD student

+46 18 471 4039

Small RNAs and their function during bacterial infection

Group alumni

Zhen Liao, former PhD student

Maria Pränting, former postdoc

Present: Information Officer at ReAct

Andrea Hinas, former PhD student

Homepage at Uppsala University

Åsa Fransson, former postdoc

Present: Scientist at Aprea AB

Lotta Avesson, former PhD student

Present: Post-doc at Karolinska Institutet

Anders Aspegren, former Post-doc

Present:  Manager, Project leader at Takara Bio Europe

Roshan Vaid, former research assistant

Present: PhD student at The Wenner-Gren Institute (Stockholm University)