Programmes and courses where we teach

ICM teaches in the following biology programmes:

The following courses (within programmes as well as freestanding courses) are taught, fully or partially, by ICM teachers. Prerequisites as well as language (Swedish or English) vary between these courses so please carefully check the linked information for courses that you may be interested in. Please note that all courses are organised and coordinated by IBG, so please direct all questions about admission etc to them. At the IBG website, you will also find a large number of additional courses in biology that are taught by other biology departments at Uppsala University.

In addition to these courses, we are also involved in a large number of project courses, e.g. research training and degree projects. For more information, please follow the links for the individual programs above. Are you interested in carrying out a project at ICM? Read more about our research and contact the research group leader in question.

Last modified: 2021-04-19