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Cryo-EM Uppsala offers tailor-made solutions to all users, independent on previous experience. Contact us my email:

Anna Sundborger-Lunna, PhD, Facility Director
Tel: 018-471 4566 

Daniel Larsson, PhD, Cryo-EM expert
Tel: 018-471 4601


Cryo-EM Uppsala offers the complete workflow for single particle cryo-EM analysis. 

Sample preparationA picture containing dark, kitchen applianceDescription automatically generated

A Mark IV Vitrobot (Thermo Fisher) is available for sample vitrification. Samples may be screened and analyzed in-house or shipped/transported to another facility for data collection. 

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Sample screening and data collection

A 200kV Glacios electron microscope mounted with a Falcon III direct electron detector is available for efficient sample screening and/or data collection. The Glacios is equipped with an autoloader that allows loading of up to 12 grids for continuous analysis for up to 3 days. The Falcon III direct electron detector is capable of collecting ~40-100 images/hours at high-resolution depending on sample conditions. 

Relion for Cryo-EM Solutions | NVIDIA GPU Systems | ExxactData analysis and image processing 

Cryo-EM Uppsala houses a local GPU hub for on-the-fly image processing and sample optimization, and 3D processing and model building using a wide variety of software packages, including Relion and Cryosparc.

Starting a new project/Sample submission 

Cryo-EM Uppsala offers tailor-made solutions based on your goals and previous cryo-EM experience.

​Submit forms to: 


The goal of Cryo-EM Uppsala is to service both new and experienced cryo-EM users at a conveniently located facility at BMC. Experienced users may operate the instrumentation independently after a brief orientation. New users will be offered training (Intro to cryo-EM) to gain the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to operate the instrumentation. Please contact Daniel Larsson or Anna Sundborger-Lunna for further information about training opportunities. 


Contact us for information of how to book the instruments. Cancellation should be done by e-mail at least 24 h before the start of the session.


  • 600 SEK/session (exclusive the cost for grids)


  • Day: 2500 SEK (6 hrs, 9 am to 3 pm)
  • ​Night: 2500 SEK (18 hrs, 3 pm to 9 am the day after)
  • Weekend Data Collection: 2500 SEK / 24 hrs

Discounted Glacios rates based on user affiliation:

  • Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at Uppsala University: 20%
  • Faculties TekNat and MedFarm at Uppsala University: 10%
  • Other academic users: 5%


Instrument booking

Instrument bookings and invoicing are made through the online system iLab  

Acknowledgement of use

Please acknowledge any usage of the facility for sample preparation, grid screening, data collection, data processing or consultations when disseminating your results.

We acknowledge the use of the Cryo-EM Uppsala facility for [include the services used here], funded by the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, the Disciplinary Domains of Science and Technology and of Medicine and Pharmacy at Uppsala University.


Find us on: (please contact us for an invitation)

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