The Department of Cell and Molecular Biology has 220 employees in seven research programs. There are 37 research groups and 20 professors of different subjects.


Basic and advanced courses

The department participates primarily in the education of the engineering program in molecular biotechnology, bachelor program in biology, master's programs in biology and applied biotechnology, but also in many other programs and courses within and outside the faculty. See more at the biology education centre .

Postgraduate education

Graduate students are admitted to all the research and all services are advertised through the Uppsala university's job portal. ICM has about 70 students.


The department is organized into seven major programmes: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Molecular Biophysics, Molecular Evolution, Molecular Systems Biology and Structural Biology.
The research is funded by a grant from a large number of external contributors.

Within these seven programmes are several research groups working: Overview of our research groups

The ICM Board



  • Maria Selmer, regular
  • Filipe Maia, regular
  • Sanna Koskiniemi, regular
  • Suparna Sanyal, regular
  • Stefan Knight, 1 st alternate
  • Johan Elf, 2 nd alternate
  • Andrea Hinas, 3 rd alternate

PhD students:

  • Begum Serra Buyuktarakci, regular
  • Athina Eleftheraki, regular
  • August Wollter, regular
  • Oscar Broström, 1 st alternate
  • Filip Ilievski, 2 nd alternate


  • Jessica Lindberg, regular
  • Daniel Westphal, 1 st alternate
Last modified: 2022-03-21