Department of Cell and Molecular Biology

Research projects

Synthetic biology, protein synthesis and drug discovery

SynBio is a creative new field defined as the complex engineering of replicating systems. It encompasses next-generation technology for bioengineering and fresh approaches to global challenges such as drug discovery and biofuels.

Our current projects include:

  1. Improving ribosomal incorporation of unnatural amino acids for investigating translation mechanism and for applications such as directed evolution of peptidomimetic drugs.
  2. Metagenomic discovery of antibiotic resistance genes in humans, and overcoming resistance by antisense bacteriophage therapy.
  3. Development of chromoproteins for biosensor diagnostics.
  4. Simplifying the design and assembly of large genetic pathways and systems.
  5. Determining functions of ribosomal RNA modifications towards synthesis of the ribosome, self-replication and a minimal cell.

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