Welcome to the Åqvist Group!

We are the Computational Chemistry group within the Computational and Systems Biology division of the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at Uppsala University in Sweden. You can reach the joint homepage of the Uppsala structural biology groups here. Our research is focused on protein structure and function. By simulating protein solvent systems, we learn more about protein behaviour in vivo. We are especially interested in enzymatic catalysis and binding energies between proteins and their ligands.

In our work, we have developed the Molecular Dynamics program package Q.

Contact us at the following address:

Johan Åqvist

Department of Cell and Molecular Biology
Uppsala University
BMC, Box 596
SE-751 24 Uppsala

Phone: +46-(0)18 - 471 41 09
Fax: +46-(0)18 - 53 69 71
E-mail: Johan Åqvist

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